réhabilitation d'un phare

concours 2016, Syracuse (I)

fiche synthèse à télécharger

The inspiration of the project is to pay tribute to the ancestral role of the lighthouse as a landmark, a guide and a marker in time and space for travellers. The new building is a shelter for hikers that explore the trails of Sicily. It offers a simple place to rest, eat, stop and look at the landscape while being protected from it for a moment. It can be a starting point on the journey as well as a stopover, a base for exploring the wonders of the territory. It is aimed at tourists that enjoy nature, isolation, outdoors.

Hence, the architecture of this shelter has dual yet complementary aims: to underline and emphasize the landscape while respecting it, without causing any disruptions. To achieve these goals, the building is designed as a unitary horizontal element. Two horizontal lines, a floor and a roof, resting on the ground surrounding the lighthouse and floating over the rockscape as the topography lowers and plunges into the Mediterranean sea.